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I'm a wreck

I haven't been able to blog lately due to a family emergency.  Last Tuesday my in-laws had a bad car accident.  They were headed north on a divided 4 lane highway at 70 miles per hour.  A young woman tried to turn in front of them, my father in law swerved but still hit her.  He then went of the highway and ran into a tree.  They were in a very small town.  The paramedics took them to the local hospital, but quickly realized they would need to be moved.  My FIL how 7 broken ribs, a broken sternum, and left ankle.  The air lifted him north to a level 3 trauma center.  After he left they learned my MIL had some internal injuries, and a compression fracture of her L1 vertebrae, and would need a level one trauma center. So, they wound up taking her south to the nearest level 1.  So not only do we have two very injured parents they are now 250 miles apart. 
My husband and I were only an hour from where my father in law was being taken so he and I took off down there, and my brother in…

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